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Welcome to your gonna blow

Atomic Bomb Home Page | A.T.O.M. | O.K.

Yes, I am POM creator of the BarnOwl Websites 1 & 2. But this...this...will be the ultimate website!

Look at the new A.T.O.M. page! Also look at the new B.O.M.B. Page!

Weird Words of the year: Nerp and Shup 

Rating for movie Road Trip: 10! That movie was hilarious! I don't suggest it for kids, tho.
Rating for The Ring 2: 6 It was sort of strange and scaring rate for kids: 8
Rating for both my dog's IQ combined: 0.000000000000000000000000001
Please, this is a gory site, but is soo hilarious! Really, you should see it.
Final rating for my LOVE of Skittles: endless.

If ur wondering what the @'s r all about, I hav no idea.

Created by POM